Fattracks Members and Other Participants (Baakens Valley, PEGC, Norm Hudlin and other Fattracks Trials)

  1. Access to the Trails is from sunrise to sunset only (special permission needed otherwise)
  2. Behave in such a way as to leave the terrain/property the way it was found
  3. Respect private property and obey instructions from owners or employees at all times
  4. Obey all property owners, including their notice boards and symbol signs
  5. Ride only in approved areas, routes and tracks and abide by all restrictions imposed.
  6. Do not damage, remove or interfere with any beacon, boundary marker, fence, notice board or other structures
  7. Do not leave any litter, refuse or empty containers anywhere on rides
  8. No smoking on rides and do not dispose of any tobacco products
  9. Do not light fires under any circumstances
  10. Do not interfere with wildlife, remove or deface vegetation, carve or scratch trees or rocks
  11. Do not feed or hunt animals
  12. Respect and be polite to other users of the trail netowrk; golfers, walkers, runners, bikers etc
  13. As a Fattracks member, at all-times, display the Fattracks Bike board on your handlebars
  14. Be the “eyes & ears” of the Land owners, Fattracks Committee, PEGC and Norm Hudlin.
  15. Any observations of property damage, unauthorized activity or garbage dumping on Fattracks Trails should be reported to the Fattracks Committee immediately.
  16. Understand that any violation of this code of conduct could result in suspension and/or cancellation of all trail privileges including membership to the club.
  17. Refrain from using strong language, offensive terms, racial discrimination or any potentially derisive, controversial, and unnecessary negative views on all FatTracks social media and communication platforms including but not limited to WhatsApp groups, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  18. The Fattracks club and committee reserve the right to change the Code of Conduct and Trail Etiquette at any time. It is the members responsibility to ensure that they check the website from time to time to keep themselves updated.
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